01 Apr

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Boarding Facility

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Is it time to send  your precious cat away to a cat boarding facility while you go on vacation?  Have no fear.  Your guide to finding the perfect accommodations for your pet can be found below in several appropriate pointers.

1.  Vaccines – Health and safety should be the first consideration in choosing the proper cat hotel.  Any reputable cat boarding facility will require certain vaccinations given that cats can pass diseases between each other in a boarding facility.  These vaccines should include FVRCP and rabies.  Some facilities may also require a feline leukemia vaccine and this is a relevant vaccine if cats are touching noses or coming into close proximity.

2.  Ventilation – When taking a tour of your feline’s potential pet hotel, it’s important to look for ventilation.  A small room with many cats is a recipe for disaster.  The AVMA has set up clear guidelines for pet boarding facilities and this includes the frequent exchange of air to ensure a constant resupply of clean air.

3.  Noise – Cats can become easily stressed by loud sounds and this can result in larger issues such as ulcers or refusal to eat/drink.  As such, it’s important to observe the noise level in the cattery.  Are dogs barking in the room next door?  A quiet cat room will result in a much better cat boarding experience for your pet.

4.  Cleanliness – While this may seem like an obvious pointer, this runs deeper than looking for visible dirt since unseen bacteria can be lurking on surfaces.  For this reason, it’s important to ask about the pet facility’s cleaning routine and it’s important to look at the material used to construct the cat enclosures.  Is it easily cleaned or is it a surface like wood that could harbor bacteria and dirt?

You’re now prepared to  find a destination for your cat’s vacation.  You’ll be able to enjoy your own vacation knowing your cat is safe and secure in the hands of true professionals.


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