01 Apr

5 Things To Remember When Dropping Off Your Dog For Boarding

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Alright… you found that perfect pet resort to leave your dog while you go away on vacation. What do you need to remember when you pile into the car with your pup? We’ve got a list that just might help.

1. Vaccines – This is something that is usually worked out before dropping off for boarding. However, if you haven’t given your boarding facility vaccine information, you must bring this with you.

2. Boarding Contract – Does your pet boarding facility require a boarding contract for new clients? If so, you can sometimes find this on the boarding kennel’s website.

3. Toys – Most facilities will allow you to bring toys from home. However, it’s usually a good idea to bring some toys from the bottom of your dog’s toy basket since toys may not always return home in the same condition. For example, if your dog carries his toy out into the play yard for group play time, that toy might not survive. 🙂

4. Food – Find out what the preference of your pet boarding facility is since some facilities prefer to feed clients their kennel food. However, most prefer that you bring food from home so your dog doesn’t get an upset stomach switching foods.

5. Bed – Once again, you’ll need to find out the preference of your pet boarding facility since every location is different, but generally, it’s okay to bring a bed from home. Once again, bring a bed that you can live without.


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