20 Dec

Boarding For Shy Pups

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For many dogs, a trip to the local pet boarding facility is a treat. Many pups happily jump in the car and drag their owner through the front door of the boarding kennel. If this is your dog, this is not the article for you. This article is intended for you if your dog is a bit more timid and is hesitant to visit a boarding facility.

With human children, we easily make the distinction between wants and needs. We understand that our children should not watch TV for 10 hours/day despite their insistence that this is what they want. Yet, we often fail to make that distinction between wants and needs with our pets and are more likely to give them whatever they want without thinking about their actual needs.

A boarding kennel provides your dog with something they absolutely need in order to have a healthy state of mind – socialization. At your local dog boarding facility, your dog will likely be introduced to people of varying shapes and sizes. These interactions with all types of people help teach your dog that love and affection can come from strangers, By introducing your pup to more people and varied situations, you make them better equipped to handle social interaction and make them less fearful of strange humans.

The same holds true for socialization with other dogs. Fear of other dogs most often comes as a direct result of limited socialization with other dogs. Even if your dog doesn’t get the opportunity to play with other dogs at your pet boarding facility, the exposure to other dogs in their environment will help reduce this fear of other dogs.

Your shy pup may not want to go to a boarding facility but this doesn’t mean that’s what your dog needs. Dogs benefit greatly from being placed in situations in which their fear of the unknown is displaced by the knowledge that strange humans and dogs may not be so threatening after all.


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