01 Apr

The Humanization of Pets and its Impact on the Pet Industry

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There’s been a seismic shift in the way pets are viewed and treated by the pet industry over the last few decades and the humanization of pets lies at the heart of this sea change.  To put it simply, pet owners increasingly view their pets as near-human members of their families deserving of a quality of care that is almost on par with that of human children.  We realize that here at Pawville that we’ve also been swept up in this trend as is readily apparent from our village-themed boarding areas complete with “cobblestone streets,” porch lights, and mail boxes.

This pet industry humanization movement has its share of detractors ranging from famous TV personalities such as Cesar Milan to veterinarians.  Their concerns are justified because the reality is that dogs are a different species with drastically different wants and needs than their human counterparts, and to make decisions for an entirely different species by saying, ” what would I want if I were a dog” is inherently flawed and illogical.

However, it would be a mistake to completely dismiss this trend.  As it turns out, there are indeed instances where dogs and humans want the same things.  As an example, humans asking themselves “how would I feel if I were a dog” has led to an ever-increasing and well-deserved stigma regarding tying up the family dog in the back yard.

The key is to invest a little time into understanding dogs’ wants and needs.  With our feet firmly planted in this understanding of our canine friends, we can make better decisions for their well-being realizing that their wants and needs may sometimes vary from ours.


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